Caring for Your Eyes

Caring for Your Eyes

  • Four eye care tips for diabetics

    Diabetes can adversely affect the human body in many different ways. Unfortunately, the eyes are one of the body parts that can be damaged by diabetes. Diabetics are more prone to serious eye conditions, such as diabetic retinopathy. This eye disease results in eventual blindness, so it's important to do everything you can if you're a diabetic to protect your vision and prevent blindness. Here are four tips to care for your eyes if you have diabetes.

  • Warning Signs That You Need An Appointment With Your Optometrist

    If you have perfect vision, you could be wondering why it crucial to have regular eye exams. Eye exams are not just meant for people with eye issues, but everyone. During an eye exam, your optometrist will check to evaluate the condition of your vision. The specialist will also be on the lookout for any vision-related health complications. Optometrists recommend that you get an eye exam at least once every two years.

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Caring for Your Eyes

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