Caring for Your Eyes

Caring for Your Eyes

Paediatric Optometry: 5 Symptoms Telling You Your Child Needs Eye Glasses

Ramona Matthews

Poor eyesight can significantly affect a child's performance at school and in sports. It also impacts their socialisation and communication abilities. That is because sight plays a vital role in how humans interact and express themselves. When you notice anything unusual in your child's sight, schedule an appointment with a children's optometrist immediately. Here are signs that your child needs an urgent eye examination. 

1. Your Kid Has Repeated Headaches and Nausea

Your child needs an eye check-up when they start complaining of regular mild headaches. These headaches occur when they strain their eyes to focus on objects. The eye muscles contract excessively, thus causing headaches that are often accompanied by pain and discomfort at the eye's back. In rare cases, eye-straining might result in a nausea feeling. Eye-related headaches are usually persistent. 

2. Your Kid Rubs Their Eyes Regularly 

When a child rubs their eyes too often, they're trying to improve sight. They may also rub their eyes when suffering from allergic conjunctivitis or are suffering from dry eyes. An optometrist can suggest eye drops or further examination to determine the underlying problem. 

3. Your Kid Is Straining to Read

When your child starts complaining about reading difficulties, consider visiting a children's optometrist. That includes the inability to see numbers and letters clearly when the book is too close or far. You'll notice that they are pointing to the book to follow words and sentences. Doing that helps them to avoid skipping some words. You need to seek medical help before the situation escalates. 

4. Your Kid Shows Some Clumsiness 

Children usually bump into things now and then when learning to walk. However, do not write off eye problems when the clumsiness persists beyond what's normal. Some parents try eyeglasses to see if the problem goes away. However, if the clumsiness gets out of hand, you should have an eye expert examine the little one properly. 

5. Your Kid Sits Too Close to the TV

Near-sightedness prompts a child to sit at the front seats of their classroom to see the blackboard. At home, the child will sit too close to the TV. Those struggling with far-sightedness sit at the furthest corner to see the blackboard or TV. When you notice any of these behaviours, contact an optometrist. 

Children's optometrists have specialised training in eye problems in children. When you notice any of these signs, do not ignore them. Instead, consult a local optometrist for early diagnosis and treatment. 


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