Caring for Your Eyes

Caring for Your Eyes

Why Eye Surgery Is One Of The Safest Procedures In Medicine

Ramona Matthews

Every year thousands of Australians visit eye surgeons for one procedure or another. For some it is cosmetic, while for many it is life-changing and necessary surgery that will help them live their lives freely for years to come. Whatever the reason behind the surgery, almost everyone who goes to the eye surgeon gets nervous at some point. However, this nervous energy, while understandable, is completely misplaced and you should feel totally at ease when you walk in on the big day. Here are a few reasons why eye surgeons have some of the best records in the entire medical field.

Extremely High Success Rate

Eye surgeons have fantastic success rates. This means that you will almost never hear of surgery going wrong at an ophthalmologist (another name for eye surgeons). There are several reasons for this, including:

  1. Most eye surgery is one of just a few common procedures. This means that eye surgeons are well-practiced in what is going on.
  2. The area does not have a lot of external risks that make it more dangerous (there's no risk of damaging other organs)
  3. Eye surgeons are some of the most well trained of all surgeons, and they only specialise in one particular area, which makes them very qualified.

While you would never want to have surgery that you don't need, if you had to have a certain type of surgery, then eye surgery is probably the safest type you could pick.

Not A Single Case Of Blindness Caused By Eye Surgery In Australia

While complications have happened during all types of surgery, there has never been a recorded case of someone losing their vision due to eye surgery in Australia. This is a remarkable statistic considering how many thousands of people have undergone corrective eye surgery within the country and speaks to the strict safety regulations in the industry. Australia is well known for having high safety standards in the medical field and eye surgeons are no different.

People Who Are At Risk Aren't Allowed To Have Surgery

The main reason why the statistics for eye surgery are so good is because the diagnoses made by optometrists and eye surgeons pre-operation are so accurate. That means that if someone is at risk of a bad reaction to surgery for whatever reason (allergies, age, weight, eye problem, genetic disorder, etc.), they are not allowed anywhere near the operating room. So rest assured if you are given the greenlight for surgery, it is only because you pass the very stringent tests beforehand .


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